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Fitness Boot Camp

Rev up your body with one of our boot camp classes. After a few weeks you will notice the increase in your energy levels.
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Personal Training

1 on 1 personal training is a great way to get started on a fitness and nutrition program customized just for you.
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Weight Blast 60

Join a team for our 60-day weight loss challenge and get fit, get fast and lose weight as a group.
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Meredith T.

I am a very busy teacher, wife, and mother of two girls.

“I have been training at NoLimit2Fitness for the past year and half. When I starting attending Bootcamp classes, I weighed 150 lbs, was a size 10, and I was not working out at all. After 6 months of bootcamp and 1 round of WeightBlast 60, I was down to 139 lbs and was wearing a size 6. Since then, I have done another WeightBlast 60, Personal Training, and continued with Bootcamp classes. Today I weigh 130 lbs., I am a size 4 and I can even wear a size 2 in some brands. I feel great, I am toned, and I can wear clothes that I like without feeling self-conscious. I have gone from someone who used to make excuses not to work out to someone that NEVER misses a workout– I’m addicted! In fact, I am currently training for my first half marathon because I now have the fitness level to take on the challenge. I have NoLimit2Fitness to thank for that. Sipho is an experienced and highly qualified trainer. He can work with any injuries you may have and all fitness levels. He varies the workouts so you are working all your muscles (and so you don’t get bored!). The workouts are challenging, but you will notice the changes in your body very quickly. I have tried everything to get fit– gym memberships, working out to DVDs, walking my neighborhood, using equipment at home, etc– but nothing has been as effective as my last year and half working out at NoLimit2Fitness. It has truly changed my lifestyle and I now consider myself active and healthy. I am setting a good example for my children who see that working out and being active is important. My daughter Maya loves NoLimit2Fitness kids’s class (Fit Tech) and participates in between soccer seasons to stay in shape. It is a fun way to get kids off the couch and exercising. We love NoLimit2Fitness! ”

Meredith T.