ACL Rehab Phase 2

ACL Rehabilitation Phase 2:

During the second phase, from two to six weeks, the emphasis is on increasing the range of motion, increasing weight bearing and gaining hamstring and quadriceps control. The patient is usually out of the brace by the fourth week. During this phase gait re-education and static exercises. This may include balancing on the affected leg and pool work to maintain conditioning and range of motion.

ACL Exercises:

Knee extensions — This exercise helps you to restore range of motion. Place your heel on object like a telephone book so that your heel and calf are not touching the bed. Remain in this position for five to ten minutes.

Quad sets — This exercise helps you to maintain your strength and your range of motion. Keep your heel elevated as in the knee extension exercise. Begin by tightening the quadriceps muscle and holding it for ten seconds. Repeat ten times.

Straight leg raise –This exercise helps you maintain your quadriceps strength. Start with your leg flat on the bed. Begin by tightening your quadriceps, as in the quad sets exercise. Then lift your leg off the bed until your heel is approximately eighteen inches off of the bed. Lower your leg back down and relax for five seconds.

Heel slides — This exercise is for range of motion (ROM). Begin with your with knee flat on the on the ground and slowly bend your knee until it is just slightly uncomfortable. Hold your knee in this position for 10 seconds to 20 seconds, and then relax by straightening your leg, rest for ten seconds. Repeat ten times.