Weight Blast 60

Weight-Blast60 is our new weight loss challenge presented by NoLimit2Fitness..Participants compete against each other in a friendly way to lose as much weight as they can in 60 days with the help of a NoLimit2Fitness certified trainer.

Participants are provided with a full nutritional plan, and they meet three times per week: Mon, Tue, and Thu at 6:00 P.M for body weight exercise sessions.

The goal is to start as a group, train as a group and finish as a group with great results. So, if you consinder yourself overweight, If you see room for an improvement in the way you look and feel or if you just want to lose a few inches and improve your overall fitness, come join us!

Michael S.

I lost 20lbs the first time and 14lbs the second time

I sincerely recommend the Weightblast 60 program. I took it two times. The first time I lost 20lbs, the second time I lost an additional 14lbs. In addition to the weight loss, the exercise program strengthened my core and upper body.

Michael S.


  • $299 Per 8 Week Session
  • Workout Monday, Tuesday & Thursday At 6PM
  • Complete Nutrition Plan Provided
  • Work As A Team To Lose Weight & Stay Motivated

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